Positive affirmations for health, happiness, success, letting go and moving on

Flock of pink birds flyingAffirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves to replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs, so create positive changes in our lives. Affirmations can also reinforce beneficial beliefs that we already have.

What we think and believe can create our reality. If we want to be happy, healthy and successful, then we must think in ways that help us live the life of our dreams.

Read this article to see my favorite affirmations for health, healing, happiness, success, letting go and moving on. I’ve also included some tips for how to write affirmations, and how to choose affirmations that suit you.

For further ideas about how to write affirmations, and tips for when and how often to say them, read my article How to use affirmations for gaining health, happiness and success.

How do we write affirmations?
Tips for choosing affirmations that suit you
Health and healing affirmations
Happiness affirmations
Success affirmations
Affirmations to help us let go and move on

How do we write affirmations?

How we write affirmations is important. If you write your own affirmations, it’s best to:

  • write them only in the present tense. Use “am” not “will”, for example.
  • write them as positive statements – so don’t add “can’t”, “won’t”, “not”, “don’t” and so on. Use “am”, “can”…
  • make them believable.
  • focus on what you want, so if you want to be:
  • healthier, focus on health and healing, not illness. Don’t use words such as “ill”, “sick”, “poorly” and so on. Use “well”, “healing” and “healthy”…
  • happier, focus on happiness not depression, anxiety or other negative emotions.
  • more successful, focus on being effective, efficient, achieving your goals etc.

Tips for choosing affirmations that suit you

It’s vital to choose affirmations that you believe. If you find an affirmation is unbelievable, you could waste a lot of time thinking it, and it won’t work because you can tell it’s untrue for you. If you currently hate your job, then often saying “I love my job” could feel like a pointless waste of time. Thinking “I am finding aspects of my job that I enjoy” could feel reasonable.

You might find that some affirmations are right for you now, whereas others aren’t, but will be later on. For example, if you’re feeling ill, you can think “I am healing”. Later when you feel well again, you could find that thinking “I am healthy” is better. Earlier on, however, thinking “I am healthy” might have felt unbelievable.

Another example is that if you’re feeling unhappy now, but you want to be happy, then thinking “I can be happier” might be believable. After thinking this for a while, you could find “I am getting happier” is believable, and then later on “I am happy” is appropriate.

If some of the below affirmations are irrelevant or inappropriate to you, adapt or disregard them. I’ve written slight variations of the same affirmation, so you can choose those that best suit you.

Health and healing affirmations

I can heal.
I am healing.
I am getting healthier.
I am getting (or feeling) better.
My health is improving.
My (add a part of the body in here) is getting better (or healing or mending quickly…).
I am healthy.
I am a healthy person.
I am well.

Happiness affirmations

I can find (or I am finding) the answers to become happier (or feel more at peace or more content).
I am focusing more on the positive things in life.
I strive to be happier.
I am getting happier.
I am finding past times (or sports or hobbies…) that I enjoy.
I can focus (or I am focusing) more on the good qualities in myself and others.
I can find aspects of my work that I enjoy.
I am able to enjoy my work more.
I am feeling happier at work (or at home…).
I focus on the positives in life.
I am a happy person.
I am happy.

Success affirmations

I am becoming more successful.
I am attracting more success into my life.
I am successful.
I am a winner.
My life is on the up and up.
Whatever I put my mind to is a success.
I am finding more ways to make money using my talents, skills and knowledge.
I am attracting more money into my life.
Whatever resources I need to achieve my goals come to me when I need them.
I am getting more effective and efficient at my job (or achieving my goals…).
I am getting better at my job (or learning or communicating…).
I am great at my job (or learning or communicating…).
I attract into my life a wonderful job that I’m great at and I enjoy.
I can set achievable goals.
I am achieving more of my goals.
I am becoming (or I am) a goal achiever.
I achieve my goals.
I have great ideas (or products or services or equipment…) that people want and need.
I am full of great ideas (or I have many products…) that the world needs.
The right people receive my ideas (or products…) at the right time and place.
I do the right thing by others and they do the right thing by me.

Affirmations for learning, memory, intelligence and concentration

I am getting smarter and smarter.
I am very smart.
I am learning faster and faster.
I learn quickly.
My concentration is improving.
I have great concentration.
My memory is improving.
My mind is like a giant sponge for information.
I have a great memory.

Affirmations to help us let go and move on

It is safe for me to let go of the past that I no longer need.
It’s getting easier for me to let go of the past that I no longer need.
I am letting go of the past that I no longer need, and I am creating the future that I want.
I let go of the past that I no longer need, and I create the future that I want.
I am becoming more at peace with past events that I want to let go of.
I am at peace with the past that I no longer need.
I am moving on.
I have moved on.

written by Nyomi Graef

photo of a flock of pink birds flying by Liz Noffsinger and available from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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4 Responses to “Positive affirmations for health, happiness, success, letting go and moving on”

  1. Hi Nyomi,

    Great tips on affirmation there. But I think a “traditional” affirmation itself is not enough. I personally like to do such kind of affirmations by combining it with “afformation” (from Noah St. John) and incantation (tony robbins).

    So you declare the affirmation, ask why, and embody it.

    For example you don’t just say “I’m happy” but then you ask “why am I happy?” the answers could be because you have your family, because you have the health, etc. Then you embody it with action such as smiling, etc.

  2. Stacie says:

    This is a serious question. I believe in the power of daily affirmation. Is there one to help me stop snoring naturally? I don’t want to take medicines. I respect my body. Thanks for the help.

  3. Nyomi says:

    Hi Stacie,

    Thanks for your comment. You could make up your own affirmations to help you stop snoring, if you can’t find any in books, on the Internet etc.

    There are plenty of natural things around to help people stop snoring, e.g. anti-snoring pillows and mouth guards. Why not try some out until you find something that works for you?

    Kind regards,

  4. Years ago, I am very depressed because of being hurt and abandoned. Then, I learned about positive affirmations. Thankfully, it changed me and I had a different view of things now. I believe that the mind has the will to help us change for the better. I agree, positive affirmations are helpful and very powerful, more than we can imagine.

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