GPS HERO – a quick and easy 7-step guide for success

Have you ever looked through the huge number of books, websites and courses telling us how to succeed? It can be daunting. Which ones are interesting? Which ones are the best? Who can we trust?

And what if we lack the time or energy for reading books… or going on courses? That’s when a short and easy to follow success guide comes in handy.

I’ve created a success guide called GPS HERO. A GPS is like a hero as it directs us to our destinations — our goals. Or, put another way, a GPS will guide us towards our goals, and when we achieve our goals, we can become heroes.

GPS HERO stands for:

  • Goals
  • Plan
  • Self-belief
  • Happy – a happy and positive attitude
  • Effort
  • Resources
  • Overcome obstacles

Let’s look at these steps in more detail.

  • G: Goals. Create goals, and have good reasons for wanting to achieve them. Set goals at the right level. Ones that are too small and easy are not challenging and not exciting; too large and we can lack hope, feel overwhelmed, and give up. Commit to goals for the long term. Even the best creations take time to achieve, despite problems that might occur along the way.
  • P: Plan. We need to know what we want to achieve (our goals) and how we are going to get there (this includes our plan). And behind every successful plan is persistence and patience. We must persist with our plan through good and bad times. When circumstances change, our plans might change. This can be okay; modify the plan, if need be. Also, be patient with reaping the end results — plans take time to achieve.
  • S: Self-belief. We must believe that we can achieve our goals. If we don’t, then we are doomed from the start. For even greater success, combine high self-belief with high self-confidence and high self-esteem.
  • H: Happy. A happy and positive attitude towards our goals and plans is worthwhile for long-lasting success. Studies have found that happy, positive people tend to be more successful, healthier, more productive and more popular than people who are negative and unhappy.
  • E: Effort. (We can also call this action.) Effort must be regular, continuous and sustained. And to put in the effort we must have plenty of energy and enthusiasm.
  • R: Resources. To achieve our goals, we, obviously, need the right resources. These can include skills and knowledge, time, equipment and people.
  • O: Overcome obstacles. Obstacles are likely to occur in any plans that we make. Deal appropriately with obstacles so that we stay on track with our plan.

To look at GPS HERO another way, to be a success we must know:

  • What we want to achieve (our goals)
  • Why we want to achieve our goals
  • How we are going to achieve our goals (the plan, actions, and so on)
  • What we need to achieve our goals (effort, skills, knowledge, high self-belief, high energy, a positive attitude etc.)
  • How to overcome obstacles along the way

Remember GPS HERO as a hero’s guide to success.

written by Nyomi Graef

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  1. Mommys Tips says:

    It’s not about having time for reading books or attending courses, it’s about priorities. Let’s face it. If you choose to spend more time on work it’s your decision and priority instead of being at home with your children. And vice-versa if you find time to cook for your family and do a homework with your kids, it means that it’s more important for you then reading a book on how to reach success. Of course, mothers can try to combine all of these by launching their own business, but it’s really difficult

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