ebook cover of Inspiration for Tough Times

The book to spread extra happiness is out!

Inspiration for Tough Times: Ideas to Inspire, Uplift and Empower

This ebook provides tips to help you:

  • be happier
  • cope with tough times
  • become and stay successful
  • be a positive powerhouse
  • cope with life’s changes
  • heal from betrayal
  • let go of emotional pain and move on

Pages: 75
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Price: 99 cents

Available in many formats for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone,
Nook, Kobo or other ebook reader.

Table of Contents
How to Read This Book
Chapter 1: Be Super Successful
Chapter 2: Feel Better Fast
Chapter 3: Positive Power Thoughts
Chapter 4: Imagine Your Way to Inner Peace
Chapter 5: Nature Has the Answers
Chapter 6: Amazing Faith – The Dog Making a Difference
Chapter 7: Workplace Tough Times
Chapter 8: Survive Betrayal by the One You Love
Chapter 9: Tips to Cope with Change
Chapter 10: Turn Tough Times Around
Chapter 11: Affirmations – Positive Sayings for Tough Times
Chapter 12: Let Go and Move On
About the Author

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