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Want to control your anger while driving? Try these 7 tips to stop road rage

Man feeling road rage while driving in a carThis week it was reported in the news that the Australian police said they believed a road rage incident and the stabbing of two men in Sydney’s south-west are related. Road rage incidents like this are common around the world, and are increasing as the number of cars on the road increases each year. To make matters worse, more cars means more bad drivers. The insurance company AAMI said Australian drivers are becoming more selfish, aggressive and dangerous.

Road rage can range from mild – such as pulling a finger sign – to serious – stabbings, beatings, and death. Controlling our temper while driving is vital for safe and happy travelling. Here are seven ideas to prevent road rage.


Safe and easy ways to release anger and rage to help us feel happier

ExplosionsSomeone has really hurt us. Our adrenaline starts pumping. Our hearts beat quickly, and we want to explode with rage. How can we release our anger while causing little or no harm to ourselves and others?

There are, of course, many ways to let out anger – some more harmful than others. Harmful ways include beating people, throwing things, destroying things, driving dangerously and committing self-harm.

Below are some relatively safe ways to release anger and rage. If you have any helpful ideas, write them in the comments section below. If they are harmless and reasonable, they will be added to the list.


10 anger management tips to tame your temper

lightning bolts when you are angryDo you think that our temperament from early childhood is our destiny or it’s something we can change? Research has found that temperament – the mood that dominates our emotional life, that is a given at birth, and is largely caused by our genes – is not our destiny. With the right experiences and emotional lessons we can shape our personality to become more outgoing if we are naturally shy, more cheerful if we are naturally on the sad-side and so on.

This is great news in terms of anger. We know some people are naturally more easily angered than others. Anger is a normal emotion, just like happiness and sadness, so it’s unrealistic to think we will get to the stage that we will never get angry again. What is realistic, though, is being able to gain good anger management skills so we are happier, which can, in turn, make those close to us happier.

Do you want to tame a terrible temper? Try these ten anger management tips.

How to forgive others – letting go of pain, hurt and anger

Bird flyingOne of the best ways to forgive others is to use forgiveness techniques from those who have forgiven people for atrocious behaviors against them, then gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives. If they can forgive shocking behavior, we can too.

Here are three of the most extraordinary real-life stories of forgiveness that I’ve heard.

Want to fight disease and feel happier? Experts say be kind and control anger

Author, lecturer and self-help advocate Dr. Wayne Dyer says acts of kindness boost the immune system, increase happiness and benefit both the giver and receiver of kindness.

Want to forgive others and dissolve anger? Enhance empathy

Pink flowers in sunlightActress Susan Sarandon said, “When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.” I believe this is true. Having empathy – the ability to understand another person’s point-of-view and feelings – helps us in many ways. It can enhance our capacity to love, help us dissolve anger and help us forgive others, all of which give us extra happiness.

What’s one way to help us let go of anger and forgive others by gaining empathy? Read on.