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Visualization exercise to help us forgive others and dissolve resentment

Lake Mapourika, New ZealandLouise L. Hay wrote in her book You Can Heal Your Life: “Love is always the answer to healing of any sort. And the pathway to love is forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment.”

One pathway to forgiveness is through visualization – using our imagination to help us let go of bitterness and resentment.

How to forgive others – letting go of pain, hurt and anger

Bird flyingOne of the best ways to forgive others is to use forgiveness techniques from those who have forgiven people for atrocious behaviors against them, then gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives. If they can forgive shocking behavior, we can too.

Here are three of the most extraordinary real-life stories of forgiveness that I’ve heard.

Want to forgive others and dissolve anger? Enhance empathy

Pink flowers in sunlightActress Susan Sarandon said, “When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.” I believe this is true. Having empathy – the ability to understand another person’s point-of-view and feelings – helps us in many ways. It can enhance our capacity to love, help us dissolve anger and help us forgive others, all of which give us extra happiness.

What’s one way to help us let go of anger and forgive others by gaining empathy? Read on.