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Does great wealth equal great happiness? Not necessarily, a recent survey finds

A stack of billsThink that being super rich will take away all your worries and fears? Think again. The results of a recent survey overturn the myth that great wealth automatically brings great happiness. Mega-millionaires are, in fact, a fearful and worried bunch, often caused by their own fortunes.

The survey, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke to 160 households, of which 120 had at least $25 million in assets. The findings: despite great wealth, many seem miserable, says Lyneka Little from ABC News.


Comparing our income with others can make us unhappy, study claims

A new study has found that people who compare their income with others are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives because it makes them focus on what they haven’t got.

Study finds buying life experiences, not material possessions, leads to greater happiness

Two people on the beachBuying life experiences leads to greater happiness for both the consumer and those around them, according to a new study.

Life experiences include things like going to the theater or on a vacation rather than material possessions.

Study finds the pursuit of wealth, fame and image does not make us happy

A new US study of well-educated people aged in their twenties shows some surprising results for what goals lead to happiness.

Can money buy happiness?

moneyHow much money do we need to be happy? Do we need to be well-off? Do we need to buy all sorts of toys and gadgets? Happiness lies not in how much we can buy, but rather results from our dominant thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our thoughts create our feelings and drive our behaviors. Thinking mostly positive thoughts leads to happiness.